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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a text loan services stands for?

    These are short terms lending services and are very beneficial for smaller needs of 100 to 750 pounds.

  • What about repayment term and duration?

    Normally they come with 7 day repayment time, but you can ask for extension from lender anytime.

  • What is the suitable time to apply for the loan?

    You can use our website to apply anytime as it is up 24*7, we are always offering service to needy customers round the clock.

  • Is it true that short term services come with high interest rates?

    Well in sites the APR is displayed and it is very high but it is yearly and if you go with 100 pound loan then you might end with repaying 120 pounds.

  • People say these lending services are debt trap is it true?

    Well it is debt trap only for those people's who fail to repay the credit.

  • Does my credit rating play an important role in the interest rate of the service?

    Yes that plays very important role and if your credit rating is fair then the rate of interest would be low and vice versa.

  • How much time it will take me to get the cash?

    Depends on how quickly the lending process is over, because everything is cross checked and if everything seems perfect you can get hold of cash within 24 hours or less.

  • Do I need to put any kind of security or present a guarantor for this?

    No these services are unsecured and you don't have to present such things only you need to be earning at the point of time you are opting for a credit.

  • Being a first time customer how much amount I can borrow?

    If you are first time customer then you can borrow amount up to 100 pounds

  • What happens if I fall short to repay the loan on time?

    Nothing to worry if that happens you can ask for an extension and can repay the borrowed amount easily with some extra charges.

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